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Use of an umbilical winch

For oceanographic and industrial applications, umbilical winch enable to put in the water fishes, sonar, remotely operated vehicle, small submarine filo-guided robots remotely controlled.
Umbilical winch allows getting submarines information such as the depth of the water, the bottom constitution, the temperature, the submarine currants direction…


Technical specifications for an umbilical winch

Numerous umbilical winches can be proposed : with an electric motor, a hydraulic motor or a air motor.
A slip ring, situated on the drum rotation axis, permits to read data in continuous during the coiling and the uncoiling of the umbilical rope.
The high wire winding (connection between the drum diameter and the wire diameter) protects the winch from deterioration.
A rope guiding system as a spooling device assures the good coiling of the several layers.

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