Whatever the special use, STARTER assists you all along your project and create your special winches. Thanks to our design office and our experimented engineers, we have a real strength of designing and adaptation of our product.
Do not hesitate to contact us, our team will be pleased to help you.

Examples of STARTER’s special winches :


Drones launcher :

For a project of defence drones’ fast deployment, STARTER had designed with it client, an electric winch able to quickly put in tightness the catapult, launcher of drones.
Gathering a large network of torque captors, STARTER’s systems allow a secure launch for devices and staffs.


Masts lifting winch :

To fast erect communication masts, STARTER offer an electric winch dedicated to this application. Equipped by a rescue handle, the winch can be used in all situations.
An integrated torque limiter in the mechanical interface connector board assures an optimal security of your equipment and staff use.
Your mast need a synthetic strap ?
With the exclusive half-shell hooking systems, our winch is perfectly adapted to your system with simplicity.


Winch for surveillance balloons

Captive balloons systems require a special winch in order to overcome the wind direction.
Equipped by a slip ring, STARTER’s winch for captive balloons offers you an optimal use of balloons in the most extreme conditions.
Thanks to our knowledge in umbilical winch, we know that your rope is a delicate item for the good transport of data. That is why we integrate a crosswinding system and a grooved drum in order to certify the security of the rope use.


Discover our realisation of winch for surveillance balloons


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