Use for a rear or frontal solution for recovery / self-recovery

When your vehicle is covered in a ground such as sand, mood, or in a situation of hard passing, the vehicle operator release the brake of the winch (clutching) to stretch the rope and hook it at fixed point as a tree or another vehicle. One time the rope hitched, the operator engages the clutch to activate the winch. The drum rotates on itself which leads the coiling of the rope and so the exit of the difficult environment. An operation of assistance to extract the bogged down vehicle can also be made following the same plan of operations.

STARTER’s winches for recovery are designed for all your pulling or self-hauling operations in the hardest environment.

Whatever the situation, our winches can handle the good operational reconditioning of your vehicles.

Our winches are available in front or rear mounting, hydraulic or electric solutions according to your need.

A large choice of adaptation for a rear or frontal solution for recovery / self-recovery

For an application in the most demanding ground, we are able to realise treatments to improve protection indicators against water and dust. The robustness of our conceptions give you the opportunity to choose between a wire rope or synthetic rope without changing the drum.


Various accessories available

According to your needs, STARTER offers a wide range of accessories necessary for your missions and operations on the ground such as a military rope fairlead to get a a larger deflection angle or a pressure roller to avoid cable expansion.


Technical specifications for rear or frontal solution for recovery / self-recovery

  • Hydraulic / electric orbital motor
  • Synthetic or wire rope
  • Planetary gear lubricated by an oil bath
  • Manual or air clutch

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