Use of a rear cabin solution

Our winches are placed behind the truck’s cabin when you have heavy loads to transfer on a trailer. Winches permit to pull the charge without damaging the material. Using a twin winch give a better distribution of the effort and also a better guiding of the direction of the load during the operation.
STARTER’s rear cabin winches are especially designed to handle heavy charges. This product is especially dedicated to pull vehicles, tanks or huge loads on loading platforms or loader trailer.
Our solutions can offer one or two hydraulic winches to get until 70tons of capacity of traction.


Hydraulic units :

A hydraulic unit entirely equipped with a filter, a pump, a valve, an oil tank is delivered with our DRAKAR winches.


Available options for a rear cabin solution

We offer a wide range of options to best answer your needs :

  • Variable speed
  • Spare wheel support with hoist
  • Rope stacker
  • Cabin switch
  • Air cooling system
  • Winch rope evacuation

Do not hesitate to ask our team to define the product which best match your need.


Technical specifications for a rear cabin solution

  • Hydraulic orbital motor
  • Bolted and welded compact chassis which give an optimal distribution of efforts as well as a larger ease of maintenance.
  • Winch available in twin or simple solution
  • Negative multi disc brake
  • Planetary gear lubricate by oil bath
  • Improved design for a better compactness
  • Easy mounting and maintenance on all kind of military trucks.

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