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Use of a multipurpose pulling winch

STARTER’s multipurpose pulling winches are used in horizontal charges movement.

Technical specifications of a multipurpose pulling winch 

Winch adapted to the horizontal moving of charges.

Slipway winch

Pulling and guiding the ship through the dry dock. STARTER’s slipway winches are available with a system of band brake

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Towing winch

STARTER designs and manufactures towing winches that have to be placed at the rear deck of tug-boats. They are equipped by a band brakes and a clutch. Those equipments allow an automatic reeling of the load in case of a rope over tension.

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Offshore buoys winch

STARTER manufactures pneumatic winches to allows the hawser tension. Offshore buoys are used to moor tankers and FPSO during the unloading operations when a deep water deck is not available.

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Onshore winch

STARTER realises winches placed on various European ports.

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