Use of a lateral winch

The lateral winch solution is situated on the side of the vehicle. When it is blocked, the operator comes to release the brake of the winch (clutching) to free the rope to uncoil the length wished. Then, we can fasten the hook at a fixed point. To engage the winch, the operator needs to activate the brake to unblock the vehicle in difficulties. This intervention can be done for the vehicle integrating the winch, for another vehicle stuck but also for the handling of heavy loads.
From intervention of assistance to precise manipulation of charges, the STARTER’s side mounting solutions help you in your daily missions. Directly integrated on the lateral body side rail, our winches exit the rope by the front or the back of the vehicle and at the same time protect you in every situation. Going from 8 up to 28 tons, our winches are ready for action.


Rope specifications for a lateral winch

All our winches are available with steel rope or synthetic rope. With the same minimal breaking load, we can advise which one is the more adapted to your need and use.


Rope management  available on a lateral winch

STARTER assists you in the design and the realisation of the rope track on the vehicle chassis. Our integrated accessories such as spooling devices and exit trumpets are available for wire and synthetic rope solutions.


Available options for a lateral winch

Various options are applicable to best answer your demand :

  • Variable speed
  • Cabin switch
  • Planetary gear
  • Swerved remote control


Technical specifications of a lateral winch

  • Hydraulic orbital motor
  • Synthetic / wire rope
  • Planetary gear lubricated by oil bath
  • Manual / air clutching

Find here our realization for lateral winch


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