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Use of a dry dock winch

STARTER designs and develops pulling systems to guide submarines and vessels in dry docks. STARTER’s pulling systems are composed of a principal winch placed at the back of the dock and 4 to 6 trolleys allocated along the dry-dock.


Technical specifications of a dry dock winch

The principal winch owns a significant pulling capacity. It assures the rope tension for the principal and the building pulling.
Secondary centre winches are allocated on trolleys placed on guiding rails all along the dry dock. They assure the centring during the entry and the exit of the building. Those winches powered by an electric or pneumatic network. A constant tension is applied in every rope.

Composition of the rope management system :

Rails and trolleys are placed all along the dry dock. Centring winches are allocated on those trolleys. The rope exit is assured by a roller fairlead also placed on the trolley

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