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Use :
The heave compensation is a technique used for load lifting in marine and offshore industries which consist in reducing the waves influence during operation at sea. This technique allows to compensate the ship movement submit to the heave.
Two types of compensation are available : the active compensation (AHC) and the passive compensation (PHC). There are various differences between the two systems :
– The AHC do not require a fixed point of reference contrary to the PHC;
– The AHC require an external power supply source.

Designed to be used on ships and rigs, those winch solutions permits the control of the direction and the coiling and uncoiling speed of the wire in order to offset the lifting and the descent of the hook. Thanks to this system, the load, maintained after the hook, stay steady during all the operation.
A constant tension winch enables to assure a fixed load of the rope. The winch tacks automatically to assure an identically tension.

Technical specifications :
A heave compensation winch is placed on the deck of a ship. There are equipped with a specific motor which is more powerful and efficient to allow the quick coiling and the uncoiling of the load.


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