Use of a between framerail winch

When the vehicle is stuck or when its wheels get bogged down in mood or sand, the operator resorts to a winch. This winch is placed between framerails of the vehicle in order to minimize the place taken and realize the operations by the front or the rear easier.

The winch have to be clutch (action of realising the brake of the winch to free the drum) to uncoil the rope. The hanging of the rope has to be on a rooted point or even on another vehicle. Afterwards, the brake has to be activated to engage the winch.

The operator can turn on the winch which will pull the rope by a rotation of the drum and then extract the vehicle.
Our solutions, up to 10 tons of capacity of traction, are available in electric and hydraulic version.

STARTER’s design strengths :

The rope track use only items with roller bearings to avoid friction which decrease the traction’s losses on the rope exit.

By using a synthetic rope, we integrate ultra-compact half-shell exit trumpets that can easily be integrated in the full environment of military vehicle. Therefore, we reduce by 3 to 4 the size of the rope fairlead with rollers thanks to the design.

Static and dynamic load tests for the entire “winch + splitter + stub frame assembly” are effected on our tests rigs to qualify the whole solution.

Technical specifications of a between framerail winch


  • Hydraulic/electric orbital motor
  • Wire/synthetic rope
  • Planetary gear
  • Manual/air clutch

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