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Minivan 100 Crane

Mobile crane

100 kg


Exclusive to STARTER. A mobile crane specially designed for minivans type Kangoo, Jumpy, Scudo.
This mobile crane is integrated on the majority of the van on the market.


  • Lifting capacity : 100 kg.
  • Height: 1.10 m.
  • Arm length: 1 m.
  • 360 ° rotation.
  • Complies with EC norms.
  • Total weight : 27 kg.
  • Cable: 4 m  Ø 4.2 mm with swivel hook and loop – WRC 1600 kg
  • Foldable for transport position.


Foldable for transport position.

Installation :

  • Lengthening:
    The Minivan 100 fits in to the majority of market vans.
    However some vehicles require a lengthening (arm and
    pilar) that is quite double with their design.


  • Fastening:
    For the high and low fastenings of the crane you have in
    the package collars to be positioned on a solid part of the
    Romains to realized by yourself the interface of fastening.


  • Mounting:
    – By agreed bodybuilder
    – DIY.