Twin winch


hydraulic system for rear cabin

up to 70 Tons

Available in 4 models


The twin winch solution is a complete hydraulic winch system specially designed to be fitted at the rear cabin of recovery Trucks.


Hydraulic unit for twin winch 
  • Fully equipped hydraulic unit.
  • Oil tank, hoses, pump, control valves, etc.
Mechanical accessories for twin winch
  • Spare wheel support with hoist of 300 daN.
  • Access Lader.
  • Orbital hydraulic motor.
  • Planetary gearbox oil bath lubricated.
  • Negative hydraulic multi-disk brake.
  • Heavy duty Pressure roller.
  • Military Roller Fairleads.
  • Bolted and welded heavy duty compact chassis.
  • Lifting rings.
Options available on twin winch
  • Cabin switch.
  • Air cooling system.
  • Variable speed.


  • Complete system.
  • Improved design for better compactness.
  • Easy mounting and maintenance.
  • Completely adaptable to any prime mover chassis.


  • Cable press

  • Cable slack detector

  • Rotary limit switch

  • Belt brake

  • Drum net

  • Manual dog

  • Disc brake or drum

  • Marine paintings

  • Drum protection grid

  • Emergency crank

  • Manual brake lift

  • Trancanage

  • Turning Collector

  • Anti-deflagration components