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Atlas UC winch

hydraulic compact winch

28 000 daN

Available in 6 models


Atlas UC is a hydraulic compact winch and are nowadays the most compact recovery winches dedicated to vehicle mounting. They are able to be integrated in the most complex and fully equipped vehicles. This product is available in models with pulling 8 tons to 28 tons.

Their modular frame allows them to between side members as well as at the rear of cabin. Motor, brake and gear technologies have been chosen as simple, rugged and proven as possible to perfectly match the military demanding environment requirements.

Therefore, Atlas hydraulic compact winch have the lowest maintenance in operational conditions costs on the market.

  • Orbital hydraulic motor.
  • Planetary gearbox oil lubricated.
  • Manual clutch.
  • Bolted frame.
  • Pressure roller
  • Optional leading sheave.


  • High compacity and low weight.
  • Rough and efficient technology.
  • Front, side, cabin rear or side members mounting possible.


  • Cable press

  • Cable slack detector

  • Rotary limit switch

  • Belt brake

  • Drum net

  • Manual dog

  • Disc brake or drum

  • Marine paintings

  • Drum protection grid

  • Emergency crank

  • Manual brake lift

  • Trancanage

  • Turning Collector

  • Anti-deflagration components