ARMOR : High capacity winch with pinion and crown


High capacity winch with pinion and crown

15 000 daN

Available in 8 models


The Armor winch is used both as lifting winch and also a pulling winch.
When the load and the cable winding capacity are important, the use of this winch is indispensable.
Indeed, its crown pinion type of construction reduces the gearbox output torque by allowing a building in a small volume.
The crosswinding option is available on the winch, which allows optimum cable guide to the best of winding on to the drum.


  • Pulling and lifting application.
  • Electrical, hydraulic or air motor.
  • U or S construction.
  • Pinion-Crown last stage gear.
  • Welded frame.


  • High working loads.
  • High wire rope storage capacites.
  • Heavy duty frame.
  • All options available.


  • Cable press

  • Cable slack detector

  • Rotary limit switch

  • Belt brake

  • Drum net

  • Manual dog

  • Disc brake or drum

  • Marine paintings

  • Drum protection grid

  • Emergency crank

  • Manual brake lift

  • Trancanage

  • Turning Collector

  • Anti-deflagration components