ARGOS OFS : Lifting winch compliant with BV, DNV, ABS Rules


Lifting winch compliant with BV, DNV, ABS Rules

20 600 daN

Available in 14 models


The lifting winch Argos OFS is designed according to different offshore standard DNV 2.22 Lifting Appliances, BV NR 526, NR 595 BV, RINA, ABS.
The winding ratio between the drum diameter and the cable diameter is 18.
Its construction fully bolted allows the hoist to overcome notebooks welding and this allows rapid manufacturing.
coating adapted to the saline environment and marine C5M type can be applied for protection of the hoist according to that specific environment.


  • Offshore applications, pulling and lifting.
  • DNV, BV, ABS, RINA certification…
  • Hydraulic motor (air or electrical in option).
  • Planetary gearbox.
  • Offshore frame to be handle by crane or forklift.


  • Cable press

  • Cable slack detector

  • Rotary limit switch

  • Belt brake

  • Drum net

  • Manual dog

  • Disc brake or drum

  • Marine paintings

  • Drum protection grid

  • Emergency crank

  • Manual brake lift

  • Trancanage

  • Turning Collector

  • Anti-deflagration components