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ADAX Winch

Manual mooring winch

60 000 daN

Available in 4 models


The manual mooring winch ADAX is designed to towing and mooring applications for vessels and barges.
For manual operation, the winch has a brake-return.
This manual mooring winch is suitable for sea conditions thanks to its marine paint.


  • Coupling, hauling, anchoring applications.
  • On deck welding attachment.


  • Marine protection in standard version.
  • Greased bronze bushings.


  • Cable press

  • Cable slack detector

  • Rotary limit switch

  • Belt brake

  • Drum net

  • Manual dog

  • Disc brake or drum

  • Marine paintings

  • Drum protection grid

  • Emergency crank

  • Manual brake lift

  • Trancanage

  • Turning Collector

  • Anti-deflagration components