Pneumatic hoist 35 000 daN for lifting a dry-dock gate

Pneumatic hoist 35 000 daN for lifting a dry-dock gate



STARTER teams have designed and implemented a system for operating a gate for a dry-dock in the port of Lorient for a leader for value-added naval defence systems and naval prime contractor, systems integrator and shipbuilder.



Design and implementation of a system for operating a lifting door for a dry-dock including a 35,000 daN pneumatic hoist, and all mobile and fixed pulleys overall kinematics, as well as a dedicated man-machine interface.



All the equipment is exposed to a marine environment, some of which is subject to full immersion. A high level of reliability and availability is required, even in case of failure of the main power supply.


STARTER Solution

After a safety assessment, including a complete FMEA analysis, the STARTER teams have designed a full system including the development of an emergency mode, redundantly connected with the electric motor, degraded in terms of speed, by adding a pneumatic motor with a clutch that is selectively engageable and disengageable under load.
This hoist develops a lifting capacity of 35,000 daN and is equipped with a monitoring system tracking load, speed and unwound wire rope length.



This equipment is in service since the first quarter 2011.


Technical specifications

Application : Lifting.
Effort : 35,000 daN in first layer.
Speed : 15 m/mn.
Static resistance : 50,000 daN.

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