Recovery winching system 17 000 daN for military vehicle

Recovery winching system 17 000 daN for military vehicle



For a fleet amphibious armoured personnel carriers, the STARTER teams have conceived a recovery winching system.
For a leading compagny, specialized in design and manufacturing of special purpose vehicle conversions. Operating from factory, it employs designers, engineers, production specialists, business managers and a workforce dedicated to the production of special vehicles for the military and civilian markets.



Starting from a standard base, design and manufacture, a winch that meets customer specifications, while respecting the size and characteristics of the vehicle and create an adapted wire rope management system.



Need to develop a special version of one of the flagship products of the STARTER range, the Atlas 160 L, both in terms of load capacity and simultaneously design the wire rope management system for the vehicle. A specification that requires sealing components for this submersible winch.


STARTER solution : recovery winching system

A new architecture for this winching solution developed within STARTER’s design office. A conjoint development with that of the vehicle.
Creation of the wire rope management system taking into account the presence of other equipment and the structure of the vehicle itself.


Vehicle currently used in eastern europe army.


Technical specifications of the recovery winching system

  • Application : Pulling.
  • Pulling capacity : 17 000 daN in first layer.
  • Speed : 6,5 mm/mn.
  • Wire rope capacity : 58 m Ø 20 mm.

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