Hydraulic 15 000 daN anchoring and mooring winch with constant tension

Hydraulic 15 000 daN anchoring and mooring winch with constant tension



Under a contract to build a 700 meters long dam at La Rochelle, STARTER teams have upgraded the system of mooring winches of a 65m long marine barge.


Design and construction of two constant tension mooring winches of 15 tons operating in master-slave configuration. Modification of the existing hydraulic power generation to allow this operation.


Implement the constant tension functionality on a multi-layer winch winding 700 meters of wire rope on 10 layers, with an accuracy of + / – 5%.
Provide electrical and hydraulic adjustments necessary to the existing hydraulic power unit without changing its main features. Implementation of components reinforced sealing and resistant to saline environment.

STARTER solution

Equipment of the roller fairlead (tension plate) with a magnetic encoder to verify the winding layer over 10 layers of wire rope.
This electric information is fed back to the control module of the variable displacement motor to change the speed / angle torque and thus obtain the constant tension on all winding layers.


This equipment first went into operation on the first quarter 2012. This barge has been equipped by STARTER teams for the renewal of all its other winches since 2004.

Technical specifications

Application : Mooring.
Effort : 15 000 daN.
Speed : 9 m/mn.
Length of wire rope : 700 m.
Static pulling capacity : 30 000 daN.

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