Electric winch STW HY of 5400 daN and integrated winch system on trailer for cables and fibers installation

Electric winch STW HY of 5400 daN



STARTER teams have designed an autonomous trailer with an integrated winch system built for the installation and removal of buried electric cables and optical fibers. The trailer is specially designed for intervention teams carrying road and network operations. More suited to interventions in urban environments, the trailers replace trucks that do not have the authorization to cross parts of the city (e.g. classified sites in Paris) and is more economical.



Design, implementation and integration of the winch system consisting in a portable winch, a hoist within an integrated fixed homologated road trailer (750kg maximum authorised load).



Selection and sizing of elements based on technical specifications developed with the client team. From this analysis, STARTER teams have designed a solution that integrates all necessary functionalities and accessory components required by interventions teams, while respecting the constraint of maximum payload required by the maximum dimensions of the trailer.


STARTER solution : integrated winch system

A Design composed of:

  • a crane (250 daN) adjustable in height,
  • an hydraulic winch fixed to the trailer (250 daN),
  • a control station for the whole system and
  • a portable winch (5 400 daN) linked to the hydraulic power generator via a 20m hose.
  • an autonomous hydraulic power generator with thermal motor for the whole and
  • miscellaneous accessories (protection hoops, tarp cover…).



This equipment is in service in the Paris region since the first quarter of 2014.


Technical specifications of the integrated winch system

Application : hoisting and hauling.
Effort : 5 400 daN in 1st layer for the portable winch.
Speed : 8 m/min in 1st layer – 10 m wire rope Ø 12.