Umbilical electric winch 3500 m cable and deployment A-Frame

Umbilical electric winch A 3500 m cable and deployment A-Frame



This project has been built for a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry. STARTER teams have designed and built an umbilical electric winch mounted on a base and operating an umbilical current measurement system.
The ship has a probe set at the end of the umbilical cable carrying and transmitting data, attached to the winch and lowered to measure subsea currents, temperatures, etc… helping in the accurate positioning of subsea pipes.



Design and manufacturing of the fiber optic umbilical winch with a length of 3500 meters and of its chassis base and deployment a-frame.
Integration of electro-hydraulic control-system from dedicated components, developed by our customer.



On an extremely limited period of time, STARTER designed the umbilical electric winch and its structure (base + A frame) by integrating the chassis of the system components (including the probe, the umbilical cord, the slip ring, etc …).


STARTER solution : umbilical electric winch

Involvement of project teams at very early stage to define STARTER jointly with our customer teams and its subcontractors and suppliers, to define specifications and technical aspects required for operations in an environment characterized by extreme climatic conditions.
By adapting the Internal Starter testing rig, STARTER developed tools designed to perform the series of tests of the entire winch frame.



Winching solution commissioned since 2009, and operational on behalf of Petrobras offshore in Brazil.


Technical specifications of the umbilical electric winch

  • Pulling force : 2 000 daN.
  • Speed : 70 m/mn.
  • Wire rope : 3,500 meters umbilical hose, diameter 11 mm.

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