Electrical recovery winch 5 400 daN front version

Electrical recovery winch 5 400 daN front version



For a new range of military light armored vehicles, STARTER team have been challenged to design an electrical recovery winch solution according to demanding operational conditions. The vehicule had strong environment constraints such as 1.2 meter fording.



Design and calculate a special mechanical interface to fit the vehicle. Control command interfaces in tactical points of the vehicle.
Ergonomics and safety analisys according to Machinery Directives. With an electrical motor, reach a duty cycle allowing a pulling operation at full load along the total wire rope length.



Co-development with the customer to increase dramatically the standard duty cycle using vehicle air network. Our solution had to be designed to perfecty integrate all the air network path without perturbing the overall vehicle capacity.


STARTER solution : electrical recovery winch

Electrical motor modifications with inlet and outlet air connectors, air flow and pressure regulation avoiding motor over heating. Waterproof and dustproof tightness with double lips special seals and special coating dedicated for corrosive and salt spray environnement.



In real conditions testing for army approval endurance test with temperature control passed. Integration of STARTER winches at the heart of the vehicle without degrading the performance. Remote control in several points : local and in the vehicle cockpit. Compliant emergency stop directly cutting winch power supply.


Technical specifications of the electrical recovery winch

  • Application : recovery or self-recovery
  • Pulling capacity : 5 400 daN
  • Speed average under load : 3 m/mn
  • Protection : IP67 (under 1.2 m fording)
  • Duty cycle : 3 times standard one thanks to ventilation
  • Drum capacity : 30 m with Ø 12 mm wire rope

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