Electric winch 10 000 daN for a crane jib

Electric winch 10 000 daN for a crane jib



For a cereals shiploader company in Port la Nouvelle, STARTER teams set up an electric winch for crane realizing the inclination of the boom mounted on a set of rails and with a flow rate of 1,000 tons per hour. Specialist in the design and the fabrication of installations in handling and storage of bulk solid products, this company is a leading player carrying out complete installations in various sectors such as energy, harbor, quarry and mine, tunneling and many other industries. Port-la-Nouvelle is the third port of the French Mediterranean coast, the first Mediterranean port for cereal exports.



Design and construction of a strategic winch installation submitted to intensive operating cycles in a very dusty environment and exposed to marine elements.



Selection and sizing of components depending on the specifications. From the analysis of the customer’s risk, integration of redundant safety features for securing the boom. Implementation of components reinforced sealing and resistant to saline environment.


STARTER solution : electric winch for crane

Integration of an electric motor and transmission with high service factor and mechanical design according to FEM standards. Additional brake system, sealed, with an independent motor transmission to counter any break on the main drive shaft. A drum with two cables, each individually sized to support the whole load.



This equipment is in use on this cereals shiploader with capacity of 1,000 tons per hour since the first quarter of 2011.


Technical specifications of the electric winch for crane

Application : Lifting.
Pulling capacity : 10 000 daN in first layer.
Speed : 16.3 m/min in first layer.
Static pulling capacity : 13 500 daN.

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