Winching solution Starter’s diving bell winch

Winching solution Starter's diving bell winch



For an Indian company specialized in offshore diving, subsea inspections and installations, Starter teams produced a diving bell winch.



A diving bell is a rigid chamber used to transport divers to depth of the ocean. The wet bell is a cable-suspended chamber, open at the bottom like a moon pool structure, that is lowered underwater to operate as a base or a means of transport for a small number of divers.



Security, reliability and conformities were the three main key points for that project. When human life is at stake, STARTER designers are on board.


STARTER solution

This diving bell winch was done according to DNV 2.22 lifting appliances and DNV OS E402 standards. Man riding and lifting of personnel specifications applied.



This diving bell handling system incorporates drive of the hydraulic winch and up to date control technology, providing the operator with optimal control and safety features, an ease of maintenance.


Technical specifications of the diving bell winch

  • Application : Lifting diving bell.
  • Effort : 18 000 daN First Layer.
  • Braking capacity : 36 000 daN.
  • Speed : 5 m/mn.
  • Length : 350 m with Ø32 mm.

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