Electrical hoist 20 000 daN for the barrage gate of a hydro dam

Electrical hoist 20 000 daN for the barrage gate of a hydro dam



For the Motz Dam, located downstream of the Fier land planning facilities, bordering the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, the STARTER teams performed an electric hoist system gate for the Joya barrage gate.
This dam is in concrete. It has a maximum height of 53 m, a crest length of 38 m with a thickness of 46 m at the base and 10 m at the top. It is surmounted by a spillway consisting of five sectional gates associated with a sixth gate called Joya located on the right just above the dam bank.



Design and implementation of a system for actuating the gate for damming water for this hydro-electric dam in the Joya valley including a 35,000 daN winch as well as all mobile and fixed pulleys of the overall kinematics and a dedicated man-machine interface.



A high level of reliability and availability is required, even in case of downtime of the main energy supply source.


STARTER solution : electric hoist

After a safety assessment, including a complete FMEA, the STARTER teams have developed a complete solution including an additional electric motor for an emergency mode. This second motor and its generator are connected with the kinematic chain and can operate without the initial motor having to be dismantled in case of downtime. This winch develops a lifting capacity of 20,000 daN and is equipped with a secure freespooling system in rescue mode.



This equipment is in service on the Motz Dam since the first quarter of 2010.


Technical specifications of the electrical hoist

Application : Lifting and Hoisting.
Pulling capacity : 20 000 daN in first layer.
Speed : 0.7 m/min in first layer.
Pulling force : 25 000 daN.