Dry dock winches

Dry dock winches



For a world leader for value-added naval defense systems and naval prime contractor, systems integrator and shipbuilder, STARTER provided five dry dock winches in order to pull submarines into a dry-dock in the port of Brest in France.



The goal was to design and implement a system in order to dock a submarine. Starter teams designed and produced a complete system of mooring.



All equipments are exposed to a marine environment. All winches are powered by a pneumatic network.


STARTER solution : dry dock winches

Infrastructures consist in 4 trolleys allocated along the dry-dock. A 5 tons winch is integrated on each trolley. Then a 15 tons winch is positioned at the back of the dock. Pneumatic motors allow constant tension of all mooring winches.



The complete installation is composed of 4 trolleys placed on guiding rails. Each trolley received a side mooring winch of 5 tons capacity. A fifth winch, placed at the back of the dry dock allaws the submarine to enter into the dock.


Technical specifications

Application : Dry dock winches
Effort : 4 x 5 000 daN First Layer + 1 x 15 000 daN First Layer
Speed : 5 m/mn.
Braking capacity : 25 000 daN.
Length : 200 m with Ø 30 mm.

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