Argos penant wire winches 65 000 daN and its offshore buoys

Argos penant wire winch 65 000 daN



STARTER teams designed and produced a system that combines the action of four winches for this vessel performing pipelay and subsea construction of oil platforms.
This equipment has been built for a leading provider of services to the oil and gas industry, and focuses especially on difficult activities in deepwater and remote areas.



Install 4 electric penant wire winches for recovering the buoys allowing to visualize the position of the 4 anchors arranged on either side of the vessel and bring them progressively as it progresses.



In addition to the environment and the extreme conditions of use in the maritime world, the project required to meet the customer’s specific request for the installation of inverters feeding back into the electric grid of the boat and generated by the winches motors during the installation of the buoys.


STARTER solution : penant wire winch

After records of prior studies, and after stating the specifications with the customer to ensure – in the design phase as in that the implementation phase – that the proposed solution achieves an optimal performance, STARTER has implemented a system centrally combining the action of winches.
Once the overall architecture of the solution has been presented and adopted by the client, the implementation was provided within 12 weeks.



This ship is currently operating off the African coast.


Technical specifications of the penant wire winch

Application : Penant wire winch.
Effort : 6500 kN first layer.
Speed : 14 m/mn.
Wire rope capacity : 201 m/ Ø 50 mm.

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