Self supporting winch system on skids T100 10 000 daN

Self supporting winch system on skids T100



STARTER teams have built a winching system on skids for a public works contractor for the city of Bucarest and has the concession for water supply and sanitation of this city for a period of 25 years from 2000 onwards.



Conception and realization of an underground scraper pig system composed of 2 hydraulic winches of 10 and 3 tons respectively, equipped with their own thermal power units.



Main challenge was to design and build a robust and reliable 2-part system, compatible with the constraints of roadwork environment and intensive use. This simple and economical solution had to have positioning sensors calculating in real time the position of the scraper pig. This system needed to be implemented with reinforced sealing components resistant to extreme environments.


STARTER solution

The semi-standard components assembly is on a transportable single welded structure comprising a STARTER wire rope length encoder associated with a displaying system giving the position of the scraper in the pipe. The set includes:

  • Two winches
  • Two hydraulic power units
  • Two control cabinets

The system ensures low maintenance costs and a simple and robust design, guaranteeing its reliability.



This type of equipment is in service since 2007 and over the years has benefited from new developments and additional functionalities specifically prepared by the STARTER teams for our client.


Technical specifications of the winching system

Application : Hauling.
Force : 10 000 daN in 1st layer.
3 364 daN in 10th layer.
Wire rope : Ø 16 mm, 150 m.
Speed : 5 m/min in 1st layer.


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