Pneumatic spooler for anchor line 10 000 Nm

Pneumatic spooler for anchor line 10 000 Nm



STARTER teams have designed and produced a multi-task pneumatic spooler for a fleet conducting submarine drillings.
This equipment has been built for a leader in providing services to the oil and gas industry, focussing on activities in difficult, remote and deep sea areas.



Replacing a pneumatic roller dedicated to changing the anchor wire rope (17 tons) and wire ropes of the vessel’s main crane (8 tons).



The specifications included replicating the architecture and mode of operation of the old equipment, including assembly and disassembly process of the reel. During the project, STARTER engineers implemented solutions that helped ease some reassembly problems encountered by the operators when changing the reel on the old model.


STARTER solution : pneumatic spooler

Having completed the dynamic and static endurance tests and the calibration of the system to answer the system needs, STARTER has implemented a solution offering :
– An improvement of the existing fixing system, with an easier and faster solution than on the existing model.
– An improvement of the operating method, resulting in time saving and easier operations for the users.



Equipment with greater capacity within the same amount of space. This equipment is currently used aboard a vessel off Congo, responding perfectly to the constraints set out in the technical specifications and replacing the obsolete original equipment.


Technical specifications of the pneumatic spooler

  • Application : Pneumatic spooler.
  • Effort : 10,000 daN – first layer – Torque 10 000 Nm.
  • Speed : Free speed 18,8 rotations/min.
  • Wire rope capacity : Maxi 17 tons.