Lateral winching solution 8 000 daN with rope management

Lateral winching solution 8 000 daN with rope management



STARTER Teams have designed, a lateral winching solution of a KERAX 4X4 destined to an NGO for difficult interventions.



Design, manufacturing and integration of a lateral winch and its wire rope management system. Control Box which allows the winch to be operated from inside the cabin of the vehicle.



Implement a winching solution allowing self-recovery and haulage forwards and backwards.


STARTER solution : lateral winching solution

An ATLAS 120 L winch located on the left side frame rail of the vehicle with a forward and backward wire rope management system. Only roller bearing components are being used (5 front pulleys and a rear roller) with 2 half-shell trumpets for the rope output at the front and the rear of the vehicle.
Definition and implementation of the complete hydraulic generation system (pump, tank, distributor, filter…).



This vehicle is currently being used by the for humanitary interventions in harsh environments.


Technical specifications of the lateral winching solution

  • Application : Pulling
  • Force : 8000 daN
  • Wire rope length : 60 m in Ø 16 mm.

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