winching solution for loading arms placed on harbor terminal

Winching solution Atlant winches 12 000 daN with their adjustable deflecting pulleys



For an American leading global provider company for the oil and gas industry in several parts of the world (Europe, Africa, and South America, Oceania), STARTER teams provided a winching solution for loading arms placed on harbor terminal in order to offload ships carrying LNG.



STARTER teams were requested to allow movements for harbor loading arms.



Besides the environment and extreme conditions of maritime world, the project sought to answer many space and positioning constraints on the platform. Special winding systems have been developed to meet constraints of limited space available. Moreover, the ability to put in place the equipment in a very confined volume was done with efficiency.


STARTER solution

To resolve a particular demanding challenge, STARTER was requested to provide limited working dimensions winches in order to take place in the global loading arm structure.
Our teams designed and implanted seven hydraulic winches ATLANT 120 and adjustable deflecting pulleys blocks. Our customer provided a HPU giving the power supply and several control functions to operate the arms and miscellaneous accessories.



This equipment gave our customer a sensitive and precise system which allowed moving the loading arms with repetitive and accurate displacements.


Technical specifications 

  • Application : Lifting
  • Effort : 3 000 daN First Layer
  • Braking capacity : 12 000 daN
  • Speed : 12 m/mn
  • Length : 25 m with Ø 31mm