Windlass 25 000 daN for anchor handling operations on an offshore barge

Windlass 25 000 daN for anchor handling operations



STARTER teams have designed and produced a 25 000 daN windlass for anchor handling operation a multi-purpose vessel performing pipelay and offshore construction of platforms.
This equipment has been built for a leading provider of services to the oil and gas industry, focusing on difficult activities in deepwater and remote areas.



Installation of a 25 tons capacity anchor windlass for a DN68 chain for raising the anchor of the vessel.
Design and realization of the windlass composed of 2 independent sets mounted on a chassis, with two side warping heads together with a centralized control system.



Adapt specifications to allow work in windlass mode (25 tons) or in capstan mode (10 tons) and withstand a 110 tons restraining force. Different inverter settings are required for these modes. The construction has to fit with the strong constraints of the existing floor plan of the vessel and requires mounting sub-assemblies.


STARTER solution

A set of specifications developed with the STARTER teams early in the project phase and a definition of technical requirements jointly developed with the customer teams. A solution to facilitate the radial mounting and dismounting of the transmission shaft to achieve the assembly / disassembly of the two chassis to allow the installation of the windlass directly onto the lower deck of the vessel.



A technical answer to the constraints identified in the specifications, this equipment has been in operation on the vessel since March 2014.


Technical specifications of the windlass for anchor

Application : Anchor windlass.
Force : 25 000 daN.
Max Force : 60 000 daN.
Force (warping heads) : 10 000 daN.
Operating Speed : 10 m / mn.
Restraining force (brake) : 110 000 daN.


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