Electric winches for surveillance balloons

Electric winches for surveillance balloons



For the deployement of moored and military surveillance balloons, STARTER teams have developped umbilical electric winch for his customer, a company specilized in the operational implementation of surveillance and recon aerosystems.



Design, manufacturing and fine tuning of umbilical electric winch with advanced features required by the environmental operational conditions, especially sudden aerial weather conditions.



Development of umbilical length cable control and altimeter keeping the flying load whatever the conditions of ascending, downflowing or sideways winds. All without any risk of break or internal deterioration of the umbilical cable.


Starter solution : umbilical electric winch

The winch has an automatic mode through a system of force, speed and position sensors, all managed by a computer. The system keeps, in the limit of acceptable effort, the constant altitude and position of the flying load regardless of the strength and direction of the wind. STARTER exlusif crosswinding system has been implemented to allow the optimal cable winding on the winch drum.



System functionnal tests passed in factory, and qualified on operational site. Being used continuously on field since December 2015.


Technical specifications of the umbilical electric winch

Application : Launching and mooring of recon & surveillance balloon.
Nominal effort : 500 daN.
Maximal effort : 2 000 daN.
Speed : 0 to 50 m/min.
Protection : IP56.