Electric capstan of 15 tons

Electric capstan of 15 tons for a naval base



For a French major player in energy services, STARTER has provided 15 electric capstans of 5 tons and one of 15 tons, and their electrical control boxes concerning a French military naval base.



Regarding the needs of its customer, STARTER had to manufacture and implement capstans composed of a vertical axed rotating machine developed for use on sailing ships to apply force to hawsers.



Beyond the environment and extreme conditions of maritime world, the project has asked the teams to answer a number of constraints of size and positioning. Particularly demanding environment of military and marine exposed Starter to provide robust equipment with full details documentation.


STARTER solution: Electric capstan of 15 tons

STARTER succeeded in designing and constructing sixteen electric capstans and their control boxes in a short time in order to satisfy its customer’s requirements.



STARTER’S capstans feature intelligent design, precision engineering and quality manufacturing. They provide a field proven, safe and reliable method of hauling the mooring line..


Technical specification of the electric capstan

Application : Hauling.
Effort : 15 000 daN First Layer.
Braking capacity : 22 500 daN.
Speed : 5 m/mn.
Length : 350 m with Ø 48 mm.

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