A set of 8 hoists from the argos range and their pulleys

A set of 8 hoists from the argos range



A system of hoists for the handling of a 400kV boiler furnace evacuating the electric energy of the JARF LASFAR thermal power plant.



Prescription, manufacture and supply of the entire handling system comprising 40 pulleys and 8 winches.



  • Delivery deadline : 6 weeks.
  • Manual control : secure emergency crank.
  • Compact design, fully bolted.
  • Simple and robust power steering.
  • Interchangeable winches in case of reorganization of the site.


STARTER solution : 8 electric hoists 

After an audit from the STARTER project team on how the equipment is being used by operators; the following equipment was recommended
and implemented:

  • Compact standard ARGOS L winches available in 3 weeks
  • The motor/brakes with clutch release and double shaft for manual steering of the motor in case of power outage or maintenance.
  • Electrical control cabinet with 24V low voltage remote.



This equipment is currently operating in the JARF LAFSAR power plant Morocco. The simple construction of these winches allowed the addition of wire rope slack detection systems on each winch. These increase the safety level throughout the facility.


Technical specifications of the hoists

Application : Mooring.
Pulling force : 12 100 daN with 320 m Ø 25 mm.
19 150 daN with 320 m Ø 30 mm.
Speed : 4 m/mn.

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