6 hydraulic twin winches 50 000 daN on vehicles

6 hydraulic twin winches 50 000 daN



STARTER teams have designed and implemented an embedded twin-winch system on a tank transporter and equipment carrier.



Design, manufacturing and installation of a rear cabin twin-winch system for a tank carrier vehicle. This system mainly consists of two 25-ton winches located at the rear of the cabin.



The maximum total pulling capacity of the winches (50,000 daN) exceeds the strength of the original vehicle chassis. It was therefore necessary to strengthen the chassis, while respecting the technical specifications provided by the body builder.


STARTER solution : hydraulic twin winch

The twin-winch is fixed to the vehicle by means of two subframe load balancers. These subframes are bolted without any welding which allows prolonged longevity of the material and also give the possibility to change the destination of the original vehicle by removing existing equipment.
This system also includes all necessary components for the hydraulic generation (pumps, hoses, tanks, filters and electrical control) and a system for handling and transportation of the spare wheel.
After design and computer simulation, dynamic load testing was performed on rigs and full-scale on the first production vehicles in order to validate the strength of all mechanical components.



This equipment has been in service since the second quarter of 2011 for vehicles in operation for the United Nations in Bangladesh.


Technical specifications of the hydraulic twin winch

Application : Pulling.
Pulling effort : 50.000 daN in first layer.
Pulling effort (static) : 60.000 daN.
Speed : 12 m/min first layer.

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