Eletrical winches in the Industry sector

This change starts in the seventies growing up on the electronic components development dedicated to power and control asynchronous and synchronous electrical motors in a smoother, safier and more reliable way. Moreover, with the development of Drives, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human-Machine Interfaces, fieldbus and sensors technologies, new features have appeared side by electrical motors as :


  • Multi start an stop modes
  • Physical limits monitoring
  • Safety tasks automatization
  • Integration in a set of others actuators
  • Movements regulation and control
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance setting up

Electrical winches is today’s best solution for most of demanding industrial winching applications. They provide indeed countless possibilities of use specially with the new technologies emergence  allowing more communication between systems, machines and human operators:

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to provide within the next few years the capability to manage these new features by the mean of a simple Smartphone.


Eletrical winch for Opera and Theater gamme ATHOS from 300 to 600 daN

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