Putting into service

Our technician assists you in the putting into service of your system : installation inspection, adjustment…


Our team act in our own workshop or on your site for the mechanical interface fixing, the accessories mounting, the rope rolling, the connection to the control disposal, captors.

Service contracts

Our range of service contracts enables you to control and plan your budget by guarantying an availability rate of performing equipment.

  • Guarantee extension

We do offer the possibility to extend the guarantee time of your product from 1 to 3 extra years.

  • Maintenance contract

Our upkeep contracts include essential maintenance operations for prevention which are needed for your equipment functioning in safety. We also offer you additional options which answer our specific requirements in terms of following and operational availability of your system.

  • Periodic control contract

The regular check of your device and lifting accessories are planned. We take charge of verifying due date and operations are made in our workshop or on your site by our team in accordance with the requirements of the 1st march 2004 decree.