How to choose a commercial vehicle jib crane ?

A commercial vehicle jib crane choice is easy in answering the 3 following questions :

What is the maximum load to lift ?

The answer seems to be an evidence firstly, but you have to think further about it. First of all, the vehicle payload has to be respected according to existing regulations. Second, you have also to consider that the jib crane weight itself which is a dead weight always present in the vehicle even though it isn’t used.

How to perform the jib crane mounting inside the vehicle ?

First of all, this operation is not as simple as an interior fitting mounting. No place for improvisation as the risk to generate equipment damages or personal injuries is high.

That is why a special regulation is applicable in France  : “Arrêtés des 1er ,2 et 3 mars 2004” dedicated to the checking of the lifting equipment and their accessories.

potence de levage

What are usually the maximum load overall sizes and the lifting situation ?

It should be noted here that you have to take into account the jib crane boom length and its capability to turn in term of angle. But this criterion is not sufficient as an articulated boom or a boom fitted with a trolley doesn’t offer the same services.

This last solution (with a trolley) gives you a great benefit in decoupling both main movements, load lifting and load shifting. Simplicity and security is by the way improved.


STARTER Technologies is perfectly aware and qualified to advice you one of its bodybuilder partners or to do a perfect job at its workshops according to every requirements of this mandatory regulation.

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