STARTER renews its commitment to skipper Xavier MACAIRE for 2013.

In 2011 and 2012, STARTER already supported Xavier MACAIRE and obtained impressive results with the young skipper.

Xavier Macaire, on its “Figaro II Starter ActiveBridge” had brilliantly completed the 2011 Solitaire du Figaro race, finishing in the top 10.

Knowing the difficulty of this race and the extremely high level of competitors, the results of Xavier are nearing excellence, revealing a great potential!

In 2013, STARTER wishes to renew its commitment to Xavier Macaire. Together STARTER and Xavier MACAIRE form a winning team able to define and realize ambitious projects. With this commitment to high performance sports, STARTER strengthens the bond between its teams through sports, culture and human exchange but also gets involved in a technological, commercial and industrial challenge.


The major races scheduled for this year are:

  • Bordeaux-Porto, 02/06/2013.
  • Porto-Gijón, 08/06/2013.
  • Gijón-Roscoff, 13/06/2013.
  • Roscoff-Dieppe, 20/06/2013