Military Equipment

Winches and handling equipment in full compliance with military standards.

WINCH Atlas L   Twin Winch

Armoured fighting vehicles, tanks, planes, defense equipment, for sure, the military industry requires specific material. Since 1971, Starter supply winch and hoist systems within the scope of military rigorous technical and normative reference documents.

Our winches have a unique lack of climate sensitivity, very convenient to operate in the most demanding environments - from freezing cold to desert heat.

Our concept of dependability and reliability has proven successful and effective in military environments around the world. 


ARKANE 250 AND 500 CRANE 250 kg and 500 kg

Our clients, including the French Army, trust our winches because they are designed to work without fail when needed, often in an emergency when human lives may be at stake. 

Depending on your project, our EC-certified military winches can meet the requirements of standards such as Direction Technique des Armements Terrestres DTAT S2590 X0008 (France), STANAG (EU), MIL standards (USA), or in accordance with EN 14492-1:2006.

Our winches have pulling and/or lifting forces from 0 to 70 tons and they are electrically, hydraulically or pneumatic driven. They can also display unique feature as the synthetic rope.