Energy and Marine

Winches and equipment destined to marine or explosive environments

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As a French manufacturer, Starter provides winches for demanding situations. Lifting, man-riding, mooring and anchoring, our winches range up to 200 tons are electrically, hydraulically or pneumatic driven. Alongside a comprehensive range of standard winches, we offer tailored solution to meet any performance criteria and application.

We have the capacity to design and manufacture tailored heavy and large offshore winch that meet the requirements of major operators and EPC contractors, by integrating all constraints related to the environment in which they are used. Starter also ensures a high quality level. Our products comply with international quality standards as ISO 9001 and industry regulations as ABS, DNV, RINA and Lloyds. A pre requisite in the Oil and Gas sector.

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Dedicated to winch design and fabrication for forty years now, Starter is more than ever in the innovation race.  A wish of the market is to have compact utility winch packed with full-sized features. Performance and innovation drive Starter to build weather and impact-resistant equipment. Working in the Marine and Offshore environment comes with its own set of challenges.

With limited space available, below deck on ships or on oil and gas platforms, Starter equipment of low headroom configuration offers the solution that suits to any kind of offshore vessels. Our engineers comprehensively analyse each client's requirements and build purpose-designed, reliable and easy-to-maintain hoists that best suit those needs. Hence our products are easy to assemble and disassemble, engineered to last, rugged and proven.