Transport, industrial and special vehicles

Mobile crane
ARKANE 250 and 500 CRANE 250 kg and 500 kg
hydraulic winch Atlas C
Atlas C Hydraulic Winch from 30,000 daN
Hydraulic winch Atlas L
Atlas L Hydraulic Winch from 8,000 daN to 16,000 daN
Hydraulic winch Atlas P
Atlas P Hydraulic Winch from 10,000 daN to 15,000 daN
hydraulic winch Atlas TC
Atlas TC Hydraulic Winch from 6,000 daN to 12,000 daN
Drakar Winch: Hydraulic motor from 2,700 daN to 30,000 daN
L103 CRANE 250 kg
ST Hydraulic winch
ST Winch: Hydraulic motor from 500 daN to 13,000 daN