Industry and Civil Works

electric winch ARK
ARK WINCH: electrical motor From 350 to 1 300 daN
Manual winch ARM
ARM manual Winch from 250 to 5,000 daN
Arov winch
Arov Winch from 250 daN to 2,800 daN
winch ATLANT
Atlant Winch : hydraulic or air motor from 5,300 daN to 29,000 daN
Aurok winch
AUROK WINCH: Multi-Task winch/hoist From 350 to 1 300 daN
Axor winch
Axor Winch from 125 daN to 3,200 daN
ST Hydraulic winch
ST Winch: Hydraulic motor from 500 daN to 13,000 daN