Quality Management

The quality process at the heart of the activity STARTER

STARTER is a major player in the engineering of handling systems and in the development, manufacturing, integration and marketing of winches. As such, the satisfaction of our customers in terms of performance, quality, cost and timing is vital and essential to the life of the company, both as regards our products and our services.

Our goal is:

To be a global player in the field of cable handling equipment with:

  • a comprehensive range of solutions
  • a comprehensive service policy
  • global in terms of geographical scope
  • To be benchmark in terms of technology and quality
  • To be considered as a relevant player in the business of our customers
  • To be a committed, innovative and responsive team.
Quality Management System

With the establishment of a quality management system at the heart of their activity, STARTER teams commit to:

  • Drive the company towards meeting the need of their customers and prospects
  • Mobilize, motivate and train teams on these objectives
  • Implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System
  • Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards.

STARTER is an ISO9001 certified company.