From 1971 to its milestone 40th anniversary year of 2011 and beyond, Groupe DLD has experienced a rich history of significant achievements:

1971:     Development by Groupe DLD of the electric winch market (low voltage) around the WARN® products
1980:     Creation of STARTER® : design & manufacturing of handling equipment.
1995:     Head Office in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt.
2002:     Structuring of the Engineering Department.
2003:     DLD enters the Turkish market.
2006:     Groupe DLD enters the Algerian market.
2008:     Introduction of the new ARMOR range.
2010:     Groupe DLD enters the Brazilian market.
2011:     STARTER®  introduces the ARGOS 3S range available in 3 weeks. STARTER®  enters the UK market.
2012:     Groupe DLD enters the Moroccan market.